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  • European Commission – Organic Farming - Policy, rules, organic certifications, support and criteria for organic farming.

  • IFOAM EU making Europe more organic - IFOAM EU is the European umbrella organisation for organic food and farming.

  • CORE Organic Cofund - CORE Organic Cofund is a collaboration between 27 partners in 19 countries/regions on initiating transnational research projects in the area of organic food and farming. CORE Organic Cofund has in total initiated twelve research projects based on funds from participating countries and funding from the European Commission.


  • SUSORGPLUS – developing smarter organic processing chains - SUSORGPLUS will develop a code of practice to increase sustainability and consumer acceptance

  • Organic Food System Programme  (OFSP) - OFSP is one of the eight core initiatives of One Planet Sustainable Food Systems Programme of United Nations




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