Presentation: Careful, Gentle, Minimal: What are the principles of organic processing?
Assesment framework: Regula Bickel and Matthias Meier, FiBL
Consumers perspectives: Katrin Zander, Ronja Hüppe, Karlotta Koch, Claudia Meier, Hanna Stolz, Lisa Borghoff

Presented at BioFach 2020 in Nüremberg (February 2020)

Poster: Information about product quality on milk packages in Germany and Poland
Authors: Lisa Borghoff, Karolina Misztal, Friederike Elsner, Marta Wójtowicz, Hubert Kowalski

Presented at the WeValueFood Conference in Warsaw (December 2019)

Poster: How do food producers communicate producing methods to consumers?
Authors: Lisa Borghoff, Carola Strassner

Presented at the EFFoST in Rotterdam (November 2019)

Annual report of Pro Org
Author: Flavio Paoletti

First annual report (June 2019)

Oral paper: Classification systems of processed food: a comparison
Authors: Lisa Borghoff, Carola Strassner

The following is the authors’ own translation of a conference paper entitled "Klassifikationssysteme für verarbeitete Lebensmittel: Ein Vergleich" presented at the 15th Scientific Conference on Organic Agriculture, Kassel (Germany)  (5th – 8 th March 2019)

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