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Develop a practical and flexible Code of Practice (CoP) for processors of organic food and labelling organizations.

Develop a multi-dimensional assessment framework (criteria, indicators, parameters, assessment methods) for organic food processing providing guidance on how to assess organic food quality as affected by contentious substances and processing technologies as well as by alternatives to them.

Test the practicability of the CoP in concrete situations and contexts (case studies) represented by food processing companies.

Management Guideline for organic food processors

Authors: Alexander Beck (AöL e. V., Germany), Johanna Stumpner (AöLe.V., Germany), Lisa Borghoff (Hochschule Münster, Germany), Ursula Kretzschmar (FiBL, Switzerland)

The Management Guideline is part of the Code of Practice for organic food processing, developed in the european project ProOrg. The aim is to contribute to the further development of the practice of organic food processing in terms of increased integrity, quality, transparency and success.

Discussion paper: Assessment Criteria for Processing
Technologies Based on EU Regulation 2018/848

Authors: Alexander Beck (AöL e. V., Germany), Ursula Kretzschmar (FiBL, Switzerland), Flavio Paoletti (CREA, Italy), Rodolphe Vidal (ITAB, France)

The objective of this discussion paper is to provide clear criteria to assess food processing technologies, based on the legal requirements for organic food processing.

This discussion paper is available in English, French, Italian and German.